IDEALTechLab primarily serves the Pharmaceutical, Life Sciences and Healthcare markets by bringing together subject matter experts and a Global Service Delivery Platform to speed time to market and lower overall cost of ownership. Our personal ability to listen to our customers needs and determine process efficiencies while moving quickly to assemble appropriate resources for a customized solution is our competitive advantage.

We help you build and implement the digital infrastructures you need to conduct your business the way you want. We develop your data into actionable information and make it easier for you to use. That makes you more effective in your efforts to communicate needed information and increases your ability to quite literally "see your results".


At IDEALTechLab, we work with, integrate, and manage digital data! It used to be that companies large and small collected “reams” of data and yet never seemed to be able to use it for anything. And now in our digital revolution, you read about it every day. Companies of all sizes have mega-loads of data and yet are unable to use it. Today data sets are so large and cumbersome it is often difficult to manipulate them, much less open them. And unless configured appropriately, databases are slow at putting out calculations. Because the files are so large, sometimes manipulations and calculation queries can take days to complete.

There are new ways to handle the limitations of legacy software. And we’re here to help with those troubling data and software needs. We’ll help you manipulate those large proprietary files you have a hard time using and we’ll help you draw the analytics off of them in a useable software application.


Our goal at IDEALTechLab is to provide effective data solutions designed to boost your business. As a small boutique technology shop, we can devote our attention to your needs and focus on the success of your projects.

Our consultants are specialists in designing custom solutions tailored specifically to the needs of your business, ensuring your vision of success.

Best of Breed
"Open" Technology

At IDEALTechLab, we use the best of breed technologies to create the needed solutions you desire. Open software standards allow us and those who come after us to create and build upon each others work. That means you shouldn’t have to spend extra amounts of money to recreate initial frameworks done by a prior company. We can all work together in the same sandbox. Open frameworks can often speed the time to development, and reduce your cost of ownership.


Today your systems have to be universally greeted around the globe. The opportunity to actively deploy solutions remotely around the globe is a strength for us and a benefit for international corporate needs. A local partner relationship provides affiliate offices around the globe providing us scale and ability to help deploy systems internationally.

Needs Analysis &
Proposal Report

Call to discuss your needs today. We will work with you to provide a Formal Gap Analysis and Written Report outlining our proposed solution to your needs. Then when you're ready to move forward, we’re ready to do the work.


Our team is a group of multi-disciplinary data technologists and savvy marketing experts able to listen and understand your needs. We will identify our path to your solution and effectively provide alternatives to help you solve your problem bottlenecks.

We align together to complement our experiences and provide a well thought-out executable plan. Then we’ll get together and review the requirements and be certain to deliver a solution that tics all the boxes.

At IDEALTechLab, we have a passion for helping clients get what they need, providing it on time and within budget.

Tim Paeschke

Founder & CEO, Consulting Practice

Senthil Velavan Pinagapani

Enterprise Solution Architect

Venkateshware Rao

Enterprise Solution Architect

Brinda Krishnan

UI / UX Designer

Eric Paeschke

Project Management