Big Healthcare Dataset Analysis applications constructed for HealthCare Payors and Providers to identify from within their membership the predictive nature of various Disease States and Comorbidities. Report on the identified patient types who are at greatest health risk while identifying the status and completion of allied quality measures.

HL7 Integration – Developed a unique certified HL7 message broker (MIRTH CONNECT Compatible) to facilitate the much faster integration, processing and delivery of messages in HL7 compliant systems.

Patterns of Science Dashboards Reporting on Key Performance Indicators, current enterprise or market status, or other important data outlyers and validators within big data sets all allowing users an understanding of the current status versus historic measures and possible future standards.

Microsoft Dynamic Add-ons, Sharepoint and Mobile Web Development, Cloud Projects and Azure Deployments

Logistics - Field Service Management Software Automation, Communications, Routing, Inventory Management, Reverse Logistics

Closed-Loop Marketing Messaging Applications – SalesRxcelerator and Closed Loop Marketing Mechanix both deliver market assets digitally to key client or provider targets to bolster regional and national campaigns.